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As we move through the school year, many students ask for websites to reference.

Some of the best ones I've found so far for Algebra 2 include: - All topics broken down into small lessons

Mesa Community College, mat120 - a good resource with notes, worked problems and sample questions with answers that can be exposed by clicking. - aligned to CC, notes, practice with feedback compiled by the authors of - all modules including student copies and teacher copies - simplified explanations with examples - practice problems by skill; allows so many free per day; grades & gives feedback - not completely aligned to the new curriculum yet but has good lessons and sample q's - make your own assignment; grades and gives feedback - videos, lessons, practice questions
For IB, some websites to look, based on OUR curriculum include: - video lessons for IB math
ibmathsresources - video lessons and links to areas of mathematics for IA

interactive derivative graphs - a graph matching test to match a graph with its' derivative


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