7th Grade ELA

  • Mrs. Wellington

    STARS Program

    7th Grade ELA Syllabus

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    Course Description


    Welcome to 7th grade and welcome to Mrs. Wellington’s English Language Arts class!


    The grade 7 curriculum modules are designed to address CCSS ELA outcomes during a 45-minute English Language Arts block. The overarching focus for all modules is on building students’ literacy skills as they develop knowledge about the world.


    Units of Study:


    Module 1: Journeys and Survival

    Focus:  Reading Closely and Writing to Learn


    Students explore the experiences of people of Southern Sudan during and after the Second Sudanese Civil War. They build proficiency in using textual evidence to support ideas in their writing, both in shorter responses and in an extended essay. They read A Long Walk to Water, analyzing the points of view of the central characters, Salva and Nya. Students focus on one key theme: how individuals survive in challenging environments. The novel is paired with complex informational texts on Sudan. Students then combine research about Sudan with quotes the novel and craft a research- based two-voice poem.



    A Long Walk to Water, Linda Sue Park

    “Sudanese Tribes Confront Modern War,” Karl Vick






    Module 2A: Working Conditions

    Focus:  Working With Evidence


    Students explore the issue of working conditions, historical and modern-day. They analyze how people, settings, and events interact in literary and informational texts. Students first focus on Lyddie (about a girl who works in the Lowell mills); they write an argument essay about Lyddie’s choices around joining a protest over working conditions. Then they read a speech by César Chávez (tracing how the sections of the text combine to build central claims) as they consider the role that workers, the government, and consumers play in improving working conditions. Finally, a short research project explore show businesses can affect working conditions. As a final performance task, students create a guide to working conditions in the garment industry.



    Lyddie, Katherine Patterson


    “Commonweath Club Address,” César Chàvez



    Module 3A: Slavery: The People Could Fly

    Focus:  Understanding Perspectives


    This module focuses on the autobiography of Frederick Douglass, with specific attention to understanding how he uses language in powerful ways and how he tells his story in order to serve his purpose of working to abolish slavery. Students begin by building background knowledge about Douglass and his historical context. They then read closely key excerpts from his Narrative, focusing on his message as well as the author’s craft. Finally, they select one episode from the Narrative and rewrite it as a children’s story, using Frederick Douglass: The Last Day of Slavery as a mentor text.


    Narrative of the Life of Fredrick Douglas (excerpts)





    Important Skills Imbedded into the Curriculum:


    Close Reading Strategies                                                              Finding the Theme

    Identifying and Using Text Based Evidence                            Paraphrasing

    Editing                                                                                               Point of View

    Restating the Question                                                                 Perspective

    Using Context Clues                                                                        Critical Thinking Skills

    Identifying Literary Terms                                                          Identifying Main Idea

    Figurative Language                                                                      Reading Comprehension



    Other texts read:


    My Brother Sam is Dead



    o   NYS Common Core ELA Curriculum (Engage NY)

    o   Yellow 3-Ring Binder

    o   Pencils and Paper



    Grading is based on a total points system. Points are awarded for effort, progression, tests, quizzes, participation, and homework. Homework will be given at least 1 to 2 times per week. Homework will never be new information but rather reinforcement of previously taught skills.

    Parents will also receive quarterly IEP Goal Progress reports as well as traditional Marking Period grades.



    Students are expected to participate daily. The small class sizes and low anxiety atmosphere created will help make students comfortable for this. We are also extremely fortunate to have Promethean ActivBoards in our classrooms. These will enable increased student interaction with the social studies curriculum and with each other.


    Home/School Communication

    Parents are encouraged to contact me whenever questions or concerns arise. The most efficient way to contact me is through email but parents may call the school whenever necessary. Also I encourage parents to view my school webpage for upcoming announcements and information. Weekly homework is also posted on the webpage as well as upcoming quizzes and tests. You can access my webpage by going to www.cityhonors.org , navigating to the STARS website, selecting Student Resources from the left side and selecting my name. You may also input the following URL:


    Mrs. Wellington’s webpage:



    Contact Information: Email: Sbwellington@buffaloschools.org

    School Phone: 816-4230, ext. 1226


    I look forward to a successful year full of learning and ELA fun!


                                                                                                                Mrs. Sarah Wellington