About me

  • I am a graduate of Iroquois Central High School, Geneseo State College, and Case Western Reserve University's School of Law. I received my teaching certification from Buffalo State. After practicing law for three years, I chose to become a social studies teacher in 1996. I live in the Elmwood Village with my husband, Bill, and daughters, Allie & Katie.

    In August 2007, I became the IB Diploma Program Coordinator at City Honors. I have fluctuated between being a full time and part time coordinator - depending on the fiscal situation of the Buffalo Public Schools. Currently, I teach IB Theory of Knowledge Year 2 in addition to my coordinating duties. I am also the Extended Essay Coordinator and CAS Coordinator for our school.

    I am also an IB site visitor, consultant, and workshop leader. I have led IB history and coordination workshops around the United States and Canada, as well as Costa Rica and Brazil.

    Additionally, I serve as secretary of the City Honors/Fosdick Masten Park Foundation.