District Parent Coordinating Council (DPCC)

  • DPCC Mission Statement:
    District Parent Coordinating Council (DPCC) – A representative body which welcomes the participation of all parents/guardians/caregivers of BPS students as Associate Members in our meetings and on our committees. Our Voting Membership is comprised of one Parent/Guardian/Caregiver Representative and an Alternate, who have been elected/selected by the Parent Group from each school. The primary purposes of the DPCC are supporting the partnership of parents/guardians/caregivers with the Buffalo Public Schools, in accordance with Federal and State Laws, Regulations, as well as District Policies. Our work is centered on building the capacity for parent engagement in support of the District’s Mission: “Putting Children and Families First to Ensure High Academic Achievement for All.” 
    DPCC Contact:
    Edward Speidel

    Primary Purposes: (From DPCC Bylaws 2020) 

    1.  Ensure that a partnership is created with the Buffalo Public Schools and parents (in accordance with State and Federal guidelines). 

    2.  Monitor and report on the implementation of the Buffalo BOE’s Parent, Family, & Community Involvement Policy #3170. 

    3.  Build capacity for parent involvement to improve student achievement in support of the District’s Mission of “Putting Children and Families First to Ensure High Academic Achievement for all.”  

    4.  Develop and support a District-wide Parent Agenda reflecting the issues and concerns of parents and caregivers in Buffalo. 


    How to Join:

    ALL parents/guardians/caregivers of BPS students are welcome to be members of the DPCC and participate in our meetings and on our committees, but the Voting Membership is comprised of a PARENT/GUARDIAN/CAREGIVER Representative and Alternate elected/selected by the Parent Group within each school.


    DPCC Facebook Page:


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November 2019 DPCC Meeting

December 2019 DPCC Meeting

January 2020 DPCC Meeting

February 2020 DPCC Meeting