Student Support Team - Room 107

  • Welcome to the Student Support Team (SST) & Committee on Special Education (CSE) Office!

    The SST promotes school improvement by focusing on academic, behavioral, and social-emotional development through the implementation of multi-tiered level of supports and interventions. Based on students’ response to interventions and needs, the Committee on Special Education (CSE) may recommend special education services.

    These teams include a Chairperson, School Psychologist, and a School Social Worker.


    CSE/504 Chairperson:  Maria C. Hill


    The Chairperson’s role is to oversee all Committee on Special Education (CSE) processes, ensure compliance of all Individualized Education Programs (IEP) and Section 504 Plans with state and federal special education regulations. The chair develops and writes IEPs and 504 plans, as well as verifies that student response to interventions are documented by staff prior to a referral. 


    School Psychologist:  Maria Van Remmen


    The School Psychologist’s role is to assess and evaluate students’ psychological, educational, behavioral, adaptive, and social/emotional functioning, conducts functional behavior assessments and develops behavior intervention (BIP) plans, and assists in the development of IEPs.  The School Psychologist also provides psychological counseling services and assists with SST development and implementation of intervention programs.


    School Social Worker: Julie Vinkle


    The School Social Worker collaborates with parents to father information relating to a students’ family and social history, conducts individual and group counseling as indicated on a student’s Individualized Education Plan (IEP), provides deescalation strategies and emotional support for students in crisis. The School Social Worker also coordinates the Social Academic Instructional Groups (SAIG).