Mrs. Collesano - AP World History

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    Suggested a 3 ring binder for notes and handouts. However, you may also choose a composition/spiral notebook for note-keeping. You should go with whatever you are most comfortable and successful with; pens/pencil; paper. Occasionally we will use colored pencils, but I keep a class set in my room.


    Each week, I will update this page, but only add homework assignments AFTER they have been assigned. Please check this site daily for its best benefit. If you are absent, please check this page as well.


    Love History!



    For Thursday, 9.6.18: Syllabus, rules and expectations sheet signed by Monday, 9.10.18. Supplies should be purchased also by today. The first 2 weeks of class, we will be reviewing the period from 1350 through the Renaissance era (both Italian and Northern). We will begin new content mid September.  We will be using The World's History by Howard Spodek. Chapters identified below are from the Spodek textbook.

    Chapter 13: end of the Middle/Dark Ages; Scientific Revolution, the Renaissance, both Italian and Northern, through the start of the Reformation and Counter Reformations; trade and the start world trade routes and connectivity. 

    For Friday, 9.7.18: Start Review of Chapter 13, the lead up to the Renaissance era, causes, why did it begin in Italy, key Renaissance writers, and what was the Renaissance willall be explored. Finish the Chapter 13 Review sheet over the weekend.

    For Monday, 9.10.18: Continue with the timeline updates; finish going over the Chapter 13 Review handout; start Renaissance packet if time, "What was the Renaissance?"

    For Tuesday, 9.11.18: Renaissance informational handout continues.  HW DUE Wednesday, 9/12: From the Renaissance Review packet, #1-4, #5-7; you do NOT need a textbook to complete this task. Please use pen, blue or black ink only.

    For Wednesday, 9.12.18 & Thursday, 9.13.18: Renaissance writers, Castiglione v Machiavelli

    For Friday, 9.14.18: Renaissance Art: Italian Art

    For Monday, 9.17.18: Northern Renaissance Art (Assignment due at the end of class today). HW: Age of Exploration during the Renaissance, how did ideas and goods spread? Complete all questions from the handout, which is due tomorrow, Tuesday, 9/18.

    For Tuesday, 9.18.18: Review the Renaissance writers questions; Age of Exploration HW is reviewed, some class-notes. 

    For Wednesday, 9.19.18: Scientific Revolution is reviewed today; handout distributed  (bring laptops!) and used in class: Who were the contributors and in what fields were these advancements made?

    For Thursday, 9.20.18: Scientists and their inventions of the Scientific Revolution...finished today (bring your laptops today!); points to review for tomorrow.

    For Friday, 9.21.18: Ch 13 Assessment.

    For Monday, 9.24.18: Review Chapter 13 Quiz; overview Chapter 14; what to expect on the next test; Topic started: Rise of European expansion and birth of capitalism. HW: Adam Smith handout w/PSD Qs.

    For Tuesday, 9.25.18: Continue with Adam Smith and what is capitalism? Start Topic #2: Empires of Spain and Portugal. Background notes.

    For Wednesday, 9.26.18: Empires of Spain and Portugal; PSD on Incas and Aztecs and their declines.

    For Thursday, 9.27.18: Review of Topics 1 & 2 via GR (guided reading Qs handout); Overview of the reformations of the 16th century.

    For Friday, 9.28.18: Film clip from "Luther" and ticket Qs.

    For Monday, 10.1.18: 2nd "Luther" clip; writing task 3 Qs to Turnitin. HW assigned: Finish the reading of Topic #3; Topics #1-3 Review handout due: Thursday, 10/4.

    For Tuesday, 10.2.18: Finish up the Protestant Reformation; start the English Reformation. Reading through Topic #3. Review handout due Thursday!

    For Thursday, 10.4.18: Catholic Reformation

    For Friday, 10.5.18: Finish the Catholic Reformation; start Peter the Great and his role in the Russian state. Review handout due Tuesday, 10/9/18. File found on this site.

    For Tuesday, 10.9.18: Finish up Topic #5 (Peter); review handout due.

    For Wednesday, 10.10.18: PSATs

    For Thursday, 10.11.18: Review day.

    For Friday, 10.12.18: Chapter 14 TEST

    For Monday, 10. 15.18: Research Paper #1 assigned; writing expectations and tips; Topic: Compare and contrast slavery of the ancient era with slavery that began in the 16th century as a result of the slave trade. Paper deadlines are staggered by class ( Periods 3, 6 due: Monday, 11.5.18 by 8 pm into Periods 1,5 due: Wednesday, 11/7 by 8 pm into and Period 7 due Thursday, 11.8.18 into by 8pm.

    For Tuesday, 10.16.18: Sleve trade PSDs; groups will be presenting their assigned PSD in class Thursday for a grade.

    For Wednesday, 10.17.18: Picture day during history classes today ....reminder, HW hadnout due tomorrow. Group presentations too.

    For Thursday, 10.18.18: Slave Trade PSD presentations.

    For Friday, 10.19.18 and Monday, 10.22.18: Library days for reserach paper; end of day 2 writing assignment sheet checked.

    Links/sites to use for research:

    Gale databases

     For Tuesday, 10.23.18: Review handout for Topics #1 & #2 due; Slave trade writing task (bring laptops!); you will want to read BEFORE class Tuesday, pp. 495-499. These will be extremely helpful with your writing prompt.

    For Wednesday, 10.24.18: Review the Topics 1 & 2 handout; HW: Asian Migrations handout. Clip on the rise and decline of the Ottoman Empire (HW: finish up Topic 3 reading notes on Asian Migrations for Thursday.

    For Thursday, 10.25.18: Finish up Asian Migrations.

    For Friday, China (Ming & Qing); handout in class.

    Final Paper draft due: Friday, 11/2 in class; hard copies needed for credit; peer edit and proffreads.

    Chapter 15 Quiz: 11/5 (papers also due this week!)

    Wednesday, 11.7.18: Overview Chapter 16: what is a political revolution? Start the Glorious Revolution as an example ffrom Ch. 16.

    Thursday, 11.8.18: Enlightenment: start Enlightened Thinkers assignment (need your laptops).

    Friday, 11.9.18: Extra credit stamps due today! Finish Enlightened Thinkers and turjn in today. Be reading through Topic #3 for HW this week!

    Monday, 11.12.18: Veteran's Day.

    Tuesday, 11.13.18: Start the French Revolution and the connections to the Amrican Revolution today (TYopics 5 & 6); reading should be completed through p. 547 for HW this week.

    Wednesday, 11.14- Friday, 11.16.18: The History Channel's "The French Revolution"











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