Visual Arts Class

  • Welcome!


    It is an absolute pleasure to be your teacher!

    This year I will...

    1. Introduce you to a variety of artists, artworks and media with which artists work.

    2. Make connections with what you are learning in your other core courses and help you  identify art in all parts of your life.

    3. Inspirit you to think critically. To encourage you to question the world around you and derive inspiration from it.


    Every effort is being made to get our students’ artwork on display in the community. Students will be notified of when and where exhibits are. Links to exhibitions will be posted here.

    Parents, please encourage your son or daughter to bring home and talk about their artwork. Ask them to explain what they learned. Discuss the artwork around you with your child. It will support what we are doing in the classroom.

    Please feel free to email me anytime with any further questions or concerns.