Building Math Teacher



    Welcome to the 2011-12 school year.  I'm Mrs. Helen Roseler, a Building Math Teacher.

    We are still School #18 but we will be housed at School #77 on Normal Avenue while School #18 is being renovated.

    I am looking forward to beginning the new year and to new challenges as a teacher.

    I will be making an entry on a weekly basis as soon as classes get started. Please check back for an update next week (09/07/2011). 

    Math will be exciting as well as challenging this year. I plan to have your child engaged in Problem Solving and the students and I will be working diligently to meet the standard/s set by the State of NY'S Department of Education.   

    Parents will be welcome to join us during their child's math class. Please, just give me a little advance notice so I can make sure that your visiting time corresponds to class time. Have a good week!