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  • Digital Pulse 

    Digital Pulse is intended to increase student awareness of Internet privacy, security, safety and communication issues that they encounter. The overarching goal is to teach students how they should interact and behave as part of a digital society. There is heavy emphasis on the positive aspects of what they should do rather than what they should not do. Content is grouped around three major themes: Respect Yourself, Educate Yourself, & Protect Yourself and is divided into four grade-bands:

    Each module offers different 1-3 day lessons that are already aligned to the CCLS. Coupled with lessons from www.commonsensemedia.org are ideas for follow-up activities focusing on creating authentic digital products. There are thematic overlaps between modules giving the teacher the opportunity to discuss other important concepts not directly taught in lessons where time will not allow for a more thorough coverage of material. All lessons are aligned to the Common Core Learning Standards for ELA and the ISTE-NETS for students.

    Interested in teaching some of these lessons with your class? Click here to let us know.
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