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         Welcome to a new school year at F.L. Olmsted School #64!  My name is Colleen Bowles and I am very excited to be your child's teacher this year!

         Kindergarten is an exciting time for you and your child!  I am in my 13th year of teaching Kindergarten, but have been teaching at Olmsted for 25+ years! This year is new to everyone so we need to work together to make this work! It is a learning experience for all! 

         I use ClassDojo to communicate regularly. If you have not, you will soon receive an Invitation Letter to join, through your provided e-mail address.. Please follow the instructions given. Not only will I send you messages, but you will be able to send messages to me (comments, questions,concerns...).

         It is important your child starts on the right foot! Please make sure he/she gets enough sleep every night and is up on time for school every day! Please also make sure that they establish and stick with a routine so it will make for an easier transition when we go into the building. Let them open a lunch box and practice doing things independenlty-zipping, tying, opening and closing things. Have a set area for them to work and for breaks. We will send out a schedule that is suggested.

         Communication is key for this type of situation or any for that matter. Work will be posted on ClassDojo, Schoology and we will have face-to-face time with Microsoft Teams! A School/Home Communication Notebook will go home every night with your child and is expected back in school the next morning. These notebooks will not be sent home at the December and February breaks. 

         The skills and lessons learned throughout Kindergarten will be carried with your child into the rest of their lives.  I am very excited to be working with such a wonderful group of students as well as their parents.  


         *If you have any questions or concerns, reach me at school by calling 816-3420 or by emailing or simply go to ClassDojo.


         I look forward to getting to know you and your child and cannot wait for a fabulous year in Kindergarten!







    Kindergarten Thoughts for Students and Parents

    Wear sneakers or soft bottom shoes.

    Get plenty of sleep each night.

    Read daily with a parent or friend!