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    Frederick Law Olmsted PS #64

    Grades K and 4 GT RESOURCE


    Teams links for synchronous classes:  GT K & 4th Grade Schoology Folders

    School #:  (716) 816-3420




    KINDERGARTEN GT, Type II Classes

    During the 4th marking period or quarter (Q4), your child will be mastering DICTIONARY SKILLS by applying alphabetical order and sequencing skills in order to research words, their meaning and usages in an online Picture Dictionary. Our last GT unit will be on the AFFECTIVE DOMAIN, so that we get a better feeling and perspective of how we view ourselves in relation to others.

    Students need their charged iPads to access our main learning platforms:  Schoology and Microsoft Teams.  During synchronous (live, online classes) please have paper/pencil or dry erase board/marker available.  I ask that food, furry friends &/or toys be put aside for the duration of the class.  Asynchronous (self-paced activities & links) usually follow class lessons and can be found in your child's GT Schoology folder.  Please submit activities once completed.  Enrich assignments are optional and fun!

    Be sure to ask your child open-ended questions about his/her experiences in GT!  You are his/her 1st teacher in life and at home.  Schoology or the Class Dojo will be ways for us to communicate.

    Reminder:  If needed, keep encouraging your child to master the skill of shoe-tying :)

    Thank you for your continuous support and patience.



     GRADE 4 GT, Type II Classes:

     For the 4th marking period or quarter (Q4), students will be learning LOGIC and PHILOSOPHY.  We will analyze relationships and associations among things, look for connections, and make logical, reasonable and sensible conclusions.  We will develop deductive thinking, such that we can make necessary and valid inferences in life.

    The "HI-5" is still important:  a computer to access our main learning platforms (Schoology and Microsoft Teams), notebook/folder, pen/cil, assignments uploaded to Schoology, and an open mind.  Learning concepts are done synchronously (live, online classes) while asynchronous learning (self-paced with activities & fun links) support in-person classes & concepts.  Success in GT can always be achieved by participating, whether online, asking questions, problem solving, &/or listening well.  

    Schoology or ClassDojo continue to be ways for us to communicate.

    We are all in the same sea, but may be in different boats.  It's good to be on the water together, for what I anticipate to be an extraordinary end-of-year.



     TYPE I Classes:   These enrichment-type classes are offered to ALL students throughout the school year.  Students are selected by homeroom teachers or students may choose to attend a class that interests them.  Classes may be 1-3 times/unit, depending on the topic/theme.  



     GT TESTING:  BPS Applications for the 2021-2022 school were available in the fall 2020. Completed applications needed to be hand-delivered & stamped "received" at Central Registration Center (33 Ash Street) before the December deadline to be considered for next year's potential Olmsted candidates.  GT Testing (for #64, #156 or CHS #195) procedures followed once an application was received.  Qualified candidates will be selected in late spring.  Students and their families will be notified soon thereafter.




    There are many areas to the website that I know you will find great value in. My goal is to make the website not just a tool for me, as the teacher, to connect with parents, but also a learning tool and resource for the students.