• Charter Schools


    What are charter schools?

    Charter schools are free, publicly-funded, independently-operated public schools founded by not-for-profit Boards of Trustees. They operate under a contract (or "charter") of up to five years, which is granted by one of three authorizers: the Board of Regents, the SUNY Trustees, or by the local School District - Buffalo School District. Charters receive a per-pupil allocation from NYS, which is dispersed via the Buffalo School District in bi-monthly tuition payments.


    Buffalo area charter schools:

    Currently, there are 22 Charter Schools in the District with over 10,000 Buffalo students attending these schools. The BPS Budget Department is responsible for reviewing the bi-monthly Charter School invoices for accuracy, maintaining these student records in our student management system Infinite Campus, and performing annual attendance audits at the Charter Schools. The department is the primary liaison for the Charter Schools and the District.


    For more charter school info:

    1. Contact the charter schools directly.

    2. NYS Education Department – Charter School Office

    3. BPS Budget Department