New York State Mandated Kindergarten Screening - What Does It Mean For Parents and Students?

  • On this site parents will find information regarding the mandated screening that is given to all Kindergarten students. In addition, links to information and activities that improve speech/language and readiness skills for young children are available.

    Who conducts the screening?

     The screening team is comprised of speech and language pathologists.

    What is being tested?

    Motor, concept and language skills using the Developmental Indicators For Assessment of Learning (DIAL). 

    When does screening take place?

    The screening takes place between September and December for all Buffalo Public Elementary Schools. 

    Where does the testing take place?

    The teams come to the schools and screen all the children in the Kindergarten classrooms.

    Why is the testing required?  What happens to the results?

    It is mandated by New York State.  The screening identifies students with a potential delay as well as those who may be gifted.  The results are discussed with the classroom teachers, building speech pathologists and principal.  The principal may refer the students with a potential delay to the school's Student Support Team (SST).  The names of those who may be gifted are referred to School #56's screening committee.