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  • Welcome to Ms. Swetts' Science Class Website.
    Located on the 2nd floor of Herman Badillo Bilingual Academy.  In our classroom, we learn about 7th Grade Physical Science, 8th Grade Life Science and 8th Grade Living Environment Lab.  Whenever possible we experience "hands on" learning through technology, building or examining models and real life examples.

    In our classroom we practice the Herman Badillo Academy's PRRIDE expectiations:

    My classroom rules are the following:
    • Everyone must be treated with respect. 
    • Quietly Enter.
    • Sit down.
    • Begin Assignment.
    • Clean Up Area and Return Materials.
    • Quietly Line Up.
    • Teacher to Dismiss.

    My classroom policies are the following:
    • Personal Grooming is not allowed in class(ex. hair combing or styling, applying lotions, changing attire.)
    • Eating or chewing on food or objects (ex. toothpicks) is not allowed in the classroom, unless we are having a special treat or party.
    • Good Lab Safety practices are in effect in class daily:  (ex. No running, No horseplay, No throwing objects.)
    • Respect for all people, animals and research objects is required at all times.
    Consequences for not meeting behavioral expectations include the following:
    • Verbal reprimand.
    • Assigned Detention- (lunchtime or afterschool, at teacher's discression.).
    • Phone call conference with parent(s) or guardian.
    • Parent/Teacher in-school conference.
    • Removal from the classroom with Referral to Administration (to Assistant Principal).

Ms. Swetts