Office of Federal & State Programs

    Room 408 City Hall, Buffalo, NY 14202
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  • Administrators

    Director of Title I
    Jaime L. Cohen

     Jaime Cohen



    Supervisor of Title I
    Molly Halady


    Program Support

    Grants Coordinator
    Richard H. Dombkowski


    Associate Account Clerk
    Bonnie Miranda


    Senior Account Clerk
    Ronique Workman


    Transition Counselor-Transition Program
    Theresa Sirdevan


    Research Aide-Transition Program
    Edward Klavoon

  •                      Student



    Our Focus is Simple

    We work year-round to secure supplemental, Title I funding to support various District and school-level initiatives to help Buffalo Public School students and families. 

    Our Major Responsibilities:

    • Develop Title I Program Narratives and Title I Budgets
    • Develop amendments and make funds accessible for school and program use
    • Manage the Title I grant and assist with program implementation
    • Monitor programs for Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) compliance
    • Provide fiscal and compliance oversight to prevent fraud, waste, and abuse
    • Prepare for audits and New York State monitoring reviews of Federal program dollars
    • Serve as liaison between the District and the New York State Department of Education for Federal program matters.
  • Public Meetings & the Role of Stakeholders

    2019-2020 Meeting Schedule (in Preparation for 2020-2021 program year)

     A series of 5 meetings about the District’s Consolidated Application will be taking place through the Parent Center’s Facebook Page. 


    Date & Time

    Federal Program Grant


    Tuesday 7/7 at 5:30pm        

    Title III

    English Language Learners

    Title III Recording

    Monday 7/13 at 5:30pm

    Title I

    Supplemental Instruction & Parent Involvement

    Title I Recording

    Wednesday 7/15 at 5:30pm

    Title IV

    Academic Enrichment & Student Supports

    Title IV Recording

    Tuesday 7/21 at 5:30pm

    Title IIA

    Professional Development

    Title II Recording

    Thursday 8/20 at 5:30pm

    Titles I, IIA, III and IV

    Budget Proposals

    Title I, II, III, and IV Budget Recording

    DRAFT Budget Documents

    Role of Our Valued Stakeholders

    Much like the inclusive role of a School-Based Management Team in creating a school-based budget, school districts are required to consult with various stakeholder groups before they develop budgets and determine programs using Federal funds.

    Buffalo Public Schools takes this responsibility seriously, and we solicit stakeholder involvement in a variety of ways. 

    • Online Surveys (click HERE to participate)
    • In-Person Community Meetings
    • LiveSteam/virtual meetings, with digital stakeholder participation




    We Advertise Through:

    • Email notifications
    • District website notifications
    • Automated phone system
    • District Facebook and Twitter Accounts
    • Office of Federal & State Programs newsletters
    • Weekly bulletin to District Staff


    Who Is a Stakeholder?

    A District Stakeholder can be any of the following:

    • Parent
    • Student
    • Buffalo Board of Education member
    • City of Buffalo resident
    • Community based organization/District partner
    • Private school parent
    • Private school teacher
    • Representative of Higher Education
    • Support staff member
    • Teacher
    • Teacher aide/assistant
    • School Administrator