Classroom News

  • March 24, 2020.

    Hi for those of you who are following my work with the Presbyterian Church of Taiwan, here is my latest presentation, about the radicalness of racial equality implied by the marriage of Tiun Chhang-mia and Rev Dr. George Leslie Mackay

    The Radicalizing Power of Everyday LifeThe Mackay's Family Portrait as retouched for the New Brunswick Free Press 1893


    March 13, 2020

    For those of you who are triscadecaphobic (afraid of friday the 13th) today was a tough day.  I have been advised to start getting ready to assign all active work via this (or some other) web platform as soon as possible, in case things get worse before they get better, as history teaches us they often do.  For those who are in my Global History and Geography course for the 9th grade, I will be posting a number of links within the next few days and batch emailing out some assignments using schoology.  The number one assignment, of course, is to stay healthy and safe.  The number two assignment will be to read sections in the online textbook, do my powerpoint notes and vocabulary packets for units 8-13, and write a number of enduring issues essays.  But I will try to post some interesting discussion materials here as well, and open up a discussion board so we can have a respectful and informative conversation here as well.

    For those in my AP Human Geography Class I will post materials including power-point notes  and FRQ questions to prepare for the exam.


    November 29, 2018


    Since everyone has computers at Emerson these days, I will start updating the resources here for your perusal.  Most of my slide shows and essay prompts should be available here, as well as other interesting stuff, some of which I will give as class assignments at some point.  Please bookmark this page as it is becoming more difficult to find in the main site by browsing.  If you find old copies of worksheets etc. that need to be updated or edited please advise me.  I give five bonus points every time you find my unintentional error.


    Mark A. Dodge