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    My name is Mr. Olsen and welcome to my ITC Website! You ask, "What is an ITC?" Well ITC stands for Instructional Technology Coach and my job is to support teachers and students infuse technology into their everyday lives. You see, Technology are tools for learning, these tools need to be carefully selected for the right job, monitored and evaluated on a regular basis to ensure that they are working correctly. Contained in my site you will find links to many educational technology resources. Please feel free to explore !!! 


    Technology Integration IDEA of the Week...... 6/23-9/1

    This is a Wordle Word Cloud! A great resource for students to create a visual element to paste into a research project, weekly spelling words, all of the words contained on a teachers Word Wall, words that are related to a main idea or topic, etc. The uses are endless! Instructions for basic use are listed below.

    1. Have the students go to

    2. Click: the CREATE MENU

    3. Copy a sentence or paragraph from MS Word or the Internet or they can type directly into the box.

    4. Click: Go and your students just created a Wordle Word Cloud!

    Wordle: ITC

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