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  • Welcome to Global Studies and Geography grades 9 and 10

    This is a two year course, grade 9 is the first year where you will learn about the first civilizations in history up until the Absolutism. The second year in Global History & Geography curriculum, students analyze and examine  Global history from the Absolutism through present day.  We will consistently reinforce the themes and concepts necessary for you to succeed this academic year. Students will use a variety of intellectual skills to demonstrate their understanding of major ideas, eras, themes, developments and turning points of world history. This course will also incorporate geography, economics, art, culture, and politics.

    Communication with parents
    - I will be sending home monthly newsletters to keep you up to date on what’s going on in our classroom and our upcoming school events. In addition, I will be personally calling home once a month to inform you regarding any information on your child’s progress. (Attendance, class assignments, tests, behavior, or any information or concerns that you may have).

    Grading Policy:

    -          DBQ’s /Essay’s                                               approx. 200

    -          Homework                                                     approx. 100

    -          Quizzes/ Tests                                                approx. 200                                       

    -     Classwork/binder check                                  approx. 400         

    -          Class Participation and Attendance                   approx. 100

     In Class Expectations-When you are not following the rules you are missing valuable instruction time. Students are expected to follow all posted classroom rules. A copy of class expectations will also be available in student binders. I believe there will be no problems within the classroom but should any occur, these would be the steps taken:

    Ø  1st offense- warning

    Ø  2nd offense- teacher/student conference

    Ø  3rd offense- Call home to parents/guardians discipline referral, and sent to principal

    Ø  For all school policies and procedures, please consult the Buffalo School Student handbook.

     Other important information:


    Electronic Devices: Students are NOT allowed to use or operate cellular phones, CD players, MP3 players, I-Pods, or other such electronic devices during class. This is in compliance with the policies and procedures outlined in the Buffalo Public Schools Student Handbook. Actions will be as follows:


    Exams: Students will be preparing for the Global History Regents. (Jan.15/June 15)

    Progress Reports: Progress Reports will be sent out every 5 weeks to inform you of your child's progress in school.

    Materials: ALL Students will be expected to have the following supplies each day:

    • 1 two inch (2’’) three-ring binder with 5 dividers
    • 2 packages of Loose-leaf paper (for homework assignments and in class essays)
    • A Folder & 1 Single Subject notebook (for in-class notes)
    • Pens (bring to class daily) & Colored Pencils (for map activities)