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  • Welcome to Ms. Allman's Economic Class

    Economic Syllabus _____2010 - 2011_____


    Teacher: Ms. Allman

    School: East High School


    The economic class is mandated for graduation and students must pass both quarters with 65%  or higher. A class requirement will be community service and each student must complete at least 75 hours in order to graduate. I will organize multiple community service projects throughout the school year, some will take place at East and others will be within the school neighborhood. Students need to be active participants in their education and must come to class prepared everyday.


    Grading Policy:

    Tests & Quiz grades – 35%

    Classwork – 25%

    Homework – 20%

    Community Service - 10%

    Class Participation - 10%



    Binder – 1 ½ inch

    Pens (blue or black)

    2 highlighters – given to teacher to use for class notes

    1 subject notebook for vocabulary

    Loose Leaf Paper


    Classroom Expectations:

    1. Respect is Key!!! – To get respect in class you must give it

    • In this class we respect each other and ourselves!

    2. You must be on time to class and sitting in your seat

    3. Raise your hand and wait to be recognized before speaking/talking

    4. Keep your hands to yourself

    5. Bring your supplies everyday

    6. Must have permission to leave the classroom

    7. Do not speak about other people in class

    8. Absolutely No Cell Phones In Class or they will be taken away!


    Homework/Test Policy:

    1.      Homework will be assigned almost every night!!!

    2.      Weekly writing assignments will be mandatory

    3.      Homework is due the day after it is assigned – NO EXCEPTIONS

    -         Late homework assignments will not be accepted

    4.      Students will be given a week notice before a test. An after school review session will                    be held for all students.

    5.      The lowest test grade of the quarter will be dropped. If you miss a test that is the dropped score.



    Much of the class will be designed around group projects. All students must participate in the projects and will receive an individual grade based on their own work and a group score based on the entire project. The projects will be hands on and relevant to topics that relate to the students lives.


    “Remember to shoot for the Moon, because you will always land among the Stars!”




    Course Outline for Economics

    Teacher: Ms. Allman


    20 National Content Standards in Economics:

    1. Scarcity                                                                    11. Role of Money

    2. Marginal Cost/Benefit                                               12. Role of Interest Rates

    3. Allocation of Goods & Services                                13. Role of Resources in Determining Income

    4. Role of Incentives                                                     14. Profit and the Entrepreneur

    5. Gain from Trade                                                       15. Growth

    6. Specialization and Trade                                           16. Role of Government

    7. Markets-Price and Quality Determination                  17. Using Cost/Benefit Analysis

    8. Role of Price in Market System                                 18. Macro-economy-Income/Employment, Prices

    9. Role of Competition                                                  19. Unemployment and Inflation

    10. Role of Economic Institutions                                  20. Monetary & Fiscal Policy


    Unit 1: Fundamental Economic Concepts

    • What is Economics?
    • Economic Systems & Decision Making
    • Business Organizations


    Unit 2: Micro-Economics: Prices and Markets

    • Demand
    • Supply
    • Prices & Decision Making
    • Market Structure


    Unit 3: Economic Institutions & Issues

    • Employment, Labor & Wages
    • Sources of Government Revenue
    • Government Spending
    • Financial Markets


    Unit 4: Macro-Economics: Performance & Stabilization

    • Macro-Economic Performance
    • Economic Instability
    • Money, Banking & the Fed
    • Economic Stabilization Policies


    Unit 5: The Global Economy

    • International Trade
    • Developing Countries
    • Global economic Challenges


    All of the above themes and topics will be covered throughout a 2 semester class. Students will explore and analyze how economics runs the world and their own lives