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  • Welcome to Mr. Paonessa's Web Page!

    I am an Integrated Co-Teacher at Hamlin Park School #74.  I am here to help all students achieve and reach their fullest academic potential. Please utilize my website, it will help reinforce daily activities, and with the help of you at home we can help your child reach their highest level of Success. Is it especially imperative that they are prepared for the NYS ELA & Math exam in order to avoid taking an extra class or classes in High School.

    Under my Links Section you will find various ways to prepare your child for the NYS ELA & Math exams in April. The earlier we start the better.

    Also take a look at my links section. You can find links to websites with helpful hints on how to complete  assignments.

    Under My Booklist section you will find a variety of books that students would love to read. Each night they are required to Read at least 20 minutes for ELA homework and a good way to start is by picking up one of these books, I guarantee they won't want to put down.

    Also available on this website is the information for the 8th Grade Class Trip to Washington D.C.

    As always feel free to contact me at anytime via email

    Thanks for Visiting,

    Mr. Paonessa