Science refers to a system of acquiring knowledge.
    This system uses observation and experimentation to describe and explain natural phenomena.


    Director: Tatiana Merrick

    Phone: (716) 816-3527


    Email: TMerrick@buffaloschools.org

    51 Ontario Street  

    3rd floor - Room 331

    Buffalo, New York 14207


    Science Department Mission Statement
    The Science Department mission is to create a district-wide learning community, to support literacy through high academic achievement of the science learning standards. Educators will present science concepts through inquiry and identification; descriptions and models; experimental investigation; and theoretical explanation.

    The Science Department will stress the importance of critical thinking and logical reasoning using various methods of investigation, such as: observation, comparison, experimentation, and mathematical manipulation of data.

    The Science Department is also committed to the concept that science has a practical application and has to be understood in a larger cultural context. It is through inquiry that students are able to view science as an interdisciplinary study applicable to society.

    Science Department Vision
    Science is taught through investigations, observations, data analysis, and rational explanations of natural phenomena. Emphasis is placed on the importance of critical thinking and logical reasoning in the pursuit of scientific knowledge because rigorous scientific instruction prepares students for the deep thinking associated with 21st Century skills.