• Security Services

    422 City Hall

    (716) 816-3707

    Barbara Lark, Chief of Security
    Fred Wagstaff, Executive Director of School Safety and Security

    Jennifer Little, Supervisor of Security Services 
    Aaron Young, Buffalo Police Department Chief, School Safety & Security
    Tammy Parsons, Administrative Assistant (716) 816-3611



    Pursuant to New York State Board of Regents August 10, 2011 amendment to subdivision (e) of section

    155.17 of the Regulations of the Commissioner of Education, the Districtwide Emergency Response to Critical

    Situations guide is available for review for your convenience.


    The Buffalo Public Schools Emergency Response to Critical Situations guide is designed to prevent or

    minimize the effects of emergencies and to facilitate the coordination of local, county and state resources with

    schools and the school district.  It is is reviewed and updated as required.