Section 504 American Disabilities Act

  • The American with Disabilities Act, Section 504, requires access to a free and appropriate public education for all students.

    Does your child have a disability that limits their ability to perform everyday life activities and prevents them from participating fully in their education?  You know you child needs extra help but does not qualify for Special Education. What do you do?

      Ask your SST (Student Support Team) at your child's school about a Section 504 Plan! This plan will determine what accommodations and services are necessary for your child. 


    Steps for Section 504 Process:

    Step 1 - Referral - If you think your child may need support for success in his/her education, write to your school principal and/or Section 504 School Chairperson and ask for a Section 504 Plan to be considered.  The Section 504 School Team will contact you to discuss your concerns and request your written consent to proceed. 

    Step 2 - Individual Evaluation - The Section 504 School Team will meet to determine the scope of documentation and/or evaluation(s) that are needed to look at your child's abilities and needs.  If there is an outside evaluation and/or diagnosis you have regarding your child, the Section 504 School Team must include that information when determining Section 504 eligibility.

    Step 3 - Developing the Section 504 Plan - Once eligibility is determined by the Section 504 school team, with your input, an Accommodation Plan will be developed that includes the services and accommodations that allows the student to fully participate in school programs and activities.

     Step 4 - Periodic Review of Section 504 Plan - The Section 504 Team will check the accommodations and services outlined in the plan to ensure it meets the needs of the student or if the student no longer requires accommodations.  Parents are encouraged to contact the Section 504 School Chairperson and request a meeting to review the plan if they have concerns or information to share.  

    Please see related link below to view the BPS Section 504/ADA Team Manual


    Contact information:

    Dr. Jennifer L. Jones, PhD

    Supervisor of Special Education
    646 E. Delavan Ave
    Buffalo, NY 14215

    Parent Network of WNY

    1000 Main St.
    Buffalo, NY 14202
    (716) 332-4175


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