Moving to the Next Level

Education Bargain

Education Bargain Moving to the Next Level (Content Listed Below)
  • An equitable, inclusive, and high-quality education is every child's civil right; and our District, Families, Students, and Community Stakeholders must work together collectively speaking with ONE VOICE ... focusing on ONE VISION... to achieve ONE MISSION which is to ensure that the brilliance of children is realized and celebrated every day in every BPS School.  


    • Place a high premium on safety and wellness
    • Continue to advance a curriculum that engages students in work that is meaningful and rigorous
    • Implement purposeful recruitment, selection, orientation, and placement of a diverse workforce in our district and schools
    • Advance opportunities for our community and family engagement which will improve student learning and development

    Renewed Relationship with Our Families & Students
    Rigorous Early Elementary Education
    Strong Community Schools Innovative High Schools Extended Learning Excellence for All Our Students
    Services for Our Neediest Children & Families
    Revive Our Relationship with Our Teachers & Principals
    Fortified Connection with Our Community Partners