• Budget Department

    709 City Hall

    Buffalo, New York 14202

    (716) 816-3643

  • Welcome to the Buffalo Public Schools Budget Department website. Below is a summary of our main responsibilities:


    1. Manage the annual District Budget process beginning in November of each year and culminating in a Board Approved Balanced Budget during May.
    2. Administer the Board Approved Budget throughout the fiscal year including:
      1. Review and process all Budget Transfers.
      2. Review and process all Unbudgeted Requests.
      3. Review and process all Staffing changes.
      4. Monitor all General Fund Projects, including CSP (Community Schools), LEP, MAG and CFE, throughout the year.
      5. Establish annual amounts of Non Public allocations and monitor spending activity throughout the year.
      6. Monthly Reporting.
    3. State Aid and Revenue Maximization including:
      1. Supervise the processing and submission of all State Aid initial claims, through the SAMS and STAC systems, by September 30th each year.
      2. Review SIRS data that impacts State Aid prior to August submission deadlines.
      3. Audit prior year submissions and submit revised claims.
      4. Obtain reimbursement from other School Districts, Non Publics and Charters for all special education services provided by the District.
      5. Monitor monthly Medicaid submissions into Kinney System and review data prior to filing year-end report into the PCG system due December 31st.
    4. Charter Schools:
      1. There are currently 22 Charter Schools in the District, with over 9,500 Buffalo students attending these schools. The Budget Department is responsible for reviewing the bi-monthly Charter School invoices for accuracy, maintaining these student records in Infinite Campus, and performing annual attendance audits at the Charter Schools. The department is the primary liaison for the Charter Schools and the District.