Teacher Weekly Survey Beta Guide
2. Your name should auto-populate based on your Active Directory login credentials
3. Select your location from the “School:” dropdown
4. Select the “Week Ending” date from the calendar button.
5. Next fill in the “Grade” and “Subject” areas. If there is no specific Subject area applicable, please select “N/A”.
6. Use the dropdown arrows to select the “Course Code” and “Course Section”.
7. You will see your “Total Number of Students I Teach” and “Number of Students Contacted This Week” fields filled.
8. You will see your list of students below. Students are marked as CONTACTED by default.
a) If you have NOT CONTACTED a student, UNCHECK the “Contacted” checkbox.
b) Enter the “# of Attempts Made” for that student.
c) Select the “Attempted Contact Method” for that student. Multiple choices can be selected.
d) Select “End Result’ of the contact attempts. Multiple choices can be selected, and you may enter an end result in the open text field.
9. If adding additional students is required: Click the “Add Student” button, fill in students 900# and name, then repeat steps 7b through 7d.
10. Finally, there are three (3) buttons located at the bottom of the survey:
1) “Save Progress”: This will allow you to save the survey and continue working on it.
2) “Save Progress and Close”: This will save the survey and close it. You will receive a link to the survey in your email to continue filling it out at a later time.
3) “Complete Survey”: This will fully submit the survey data. You will no longer be able to make changes.
11. Once submitted you will get a notification on screen that the form is closed. That means the data has been submitted successfully.