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  • Welcome to Ms. Schroeder's


          Kindergarten Class!!

    Welcome to School #61.  I am looking forward to a great year. My goal for this year is to work in partnership with my students parents to ensure that they become the best learners. Together we will help them achieve this.

    My Teaching Philosophy

    I believe that as an educator it is not only my job to teach my students but to make them want to learn. If a child enjoys learning they become like a sponge, ready to absorb all the knowlegde you have to give them. Every child is capable of reaching above and beyond the goals we have set for them as long as we encourage them to believe in themselves. 

    Rules and Expectations

    The rules and expectations in my class are as follows:

    1. Listen to the teacher

    2. Inside Voices

    3. Keep your hands and feet to yourself

    4. Walking Feet


    Homework will be given on a daily basis in  a composition notebook. In addition your child will receive reading and math worksheets for homework.  Monday through Thursday there will be written homework and on Fridays your child is expected to read a book to you for homework.